A little bit about me

Ph.D. candidate in Conflict Analysis & Resolution with a concentration in global conflicts

President & Founder

Colina Elizabeth Cole

Colina Elizabeth Cole is the sole owner of Communication Eliminating Conflicts, LLC, a Florida limited liability company doing business as CEC Global.

She is a Ph.D. candidate in Conflict Analysis and Resolution with a concentration in global conflicts at Nova Southeastern University. She is interested in intergroup violence, structural violence, systemic oppression, and the role of memories in disputes. Colina writes about forgiveness, reconciliation, collective and historical memories, group identities, trauma and healing, truth commissions, democracy, institutional reform, and psychospiritual approaches to conflict. Using an interdisciplinary lens Colina analyzes the underlying causes of discord to diagnose salient issues between disputing parties. Her goal is to help citizens, political entities, and institutions cultivate sustainable social norms that reveal and address latent problems and eliminate violence in all forms, invisible and manifested. She is also a linguaphile who is fluent in French and conversant in Icelandic.

It all started at “The Great Migration era”

Colina was born in Chicago’s Cook County Hospital and is part of the second generation of a family born after The Great Migration era. Troubled by the city’s street violence, drugs, and poor educational institutions, her father moved the family to the northwest suburbs to pursue a better lifestyle and academic achievement for his children. Being one of the only black families in an all-white suburb made an indelible impression on her due to hostile attitudes and behaviors. She studied abroad in Dakar, Senegal, with the hopes of reconnecting with her ancestral roots. However, despite being an African descendant, she recognized the legacy of slavery created an ethnically different division.

Upon her return to the United States, Colina realized how social illnesses like implicit bias, prejudice, homophobia, xenophobia, and all manner of isms have infected our personal and professional lives creating false identities: Us vs. Them. When she tried to speak about her experiences of race and her pilgrimage to Senegal with friends and colleagues, she figured out topics like race, politics, and religion were polarizing; people wanted to avoid talking about them to keep the “peace.”

However, Colina understood that political administrations, institutions, and other associated entities do not have the luxury of avoiding these types of conflicts, which are often deeply rooted in historical grievances and directly impact people’s quality of life. They must work with their constituents and civil society organizations to resolve their disputes. Colina knew we must find a way to dialogue between civilians and the social structures supposed to serve them.

CEC Global transforms destructive conflicts and builds a bridge between communication and understanding. The road to reconciliation and a peaceful society in the aftermath of war or longer-term intractable conflicts may seem impossible, but there is a way forward. In 2015, Colina created CEC Global to fulfill her dream to talk about complex issues about our lived experiences that separate us from connecting.

Conflicts are Very Expensive

Interesting Facts About High Cost of Conflict


359 Billion in paid hours or equivalent


385 Million working days lost each year

89% Of employees

Have seen conflict escalate

$12,000 In turnover cost

Per toxic employees